4 Ways To Wear A Hair Scarf

In today’s post I will share 4 different was to wear a hair scarf.  I will be using my favorite bandanna scarf from Madewell. These looks are perfect for summer or to dress up/camouflage day(s) old hair! Regardless of what style you try, it takes only a minute to add a scarf to it!  These are just 4 of many different ways to wear a scarf in your hair.  Scroll to the bottom to watch video and comment below if you’d like to see more ways.


1. As a bow headband

Start by halving the scarf into a triangle and folding or rolling it, wrap around your head and tie a double knot at the top of your head and leave the ends loose.  You can tuck them in for a more polished look.


2. Knotted headband

Again start by halving the scarf into a triangle and folding or rolling it, tie a knot in the center of the scarf wrap it around  your head, tying in a double knot at the back.


3. Around a half-up top knot 

Start with a secured top knot, take your rolled/folded scarf  and wrap it around your top knot twice and tie in a single or double knot to secure.  You can wear the bow in the back or the front! If you don’t like the bow look, just tuck the ends in!


4. Intertwined with a half-up top knot

Section the top part of your hair, from your temples to your crown, into a high ponytail.  You want it right at the top of your head, not towards the back.

Take your rolled/folded scarf and knot it around the base of your ponytail.  Take your ponytail and scarf together in one hand and wrap them around to form a bun and pin the loose ends into place.



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