Date Your Husband After Kids

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One piece of advice that we so often hear is never stop dating one another! In the beginning of your marriage/relationship, this is a piece of (wedding) cake and you really can’t imagine not dating your spouse. Your relationship up to that point has probably been nothing short of an endless date.

However, it becomes more challenging when the honeymoon turns into full time adulting with full time jobs, mortgage, sweet babies, dirty diapers and baby shark on repeat.

Despite that, this is probably the season when your marriage and bond needs to be the strongest because nothing will bring you to your knees faster than your little minis. This is when you want to set the example of what a healthy, strong relationship should look like and feel like.

Girl in meadow in yellow summer dress and hat having a picnic

We are so guilty of not making enough time to date each other, but what has worked great for us is doing day dates. This is just like date night but during the daytime. Bedtime can be hard and you don’t need to worry about your sitter managing the dreaded witching hour or if your child is having a hard time going to bed. Plus, there is just so much more to do in the day—and it’s easier on the wallet.

“Do what you did in the beginning of a relationship and there will be no end.”

This weekend, we got to sneak off on a little day date. We decided to pack a picnic and hike the trails near our house. It was a little inland, so we made sure we had plenty of water on hand. We packed plenty of Acqua Panna® Natural Spring Water, that can also be purchased via the Vons app, and I’m hooking you up with a coupon to help offset the cost of the sitter! The bottles really helped set the ambiance—a huge step up from the typical sippy cups at our dining table.

Girl in meadow in yellow summer dress with picnic basket

Bottled water at picnic table with flowers and basket


It was really nice to enjoy an uninterrupted meal and conversation. Below, I’ll share more date ideas!

couple hugging in meadow girl wearing yellow summer dress and hat


  1. Farmers market, festival or fair
  2. Winery or brewery tour/tasting
  3. Rent a canoe or kayak
  4. MEET at a coffee shop/cafe (keyword: meet there! This will really create a different atmosphere/vibe)
  5. Lay out by the pool (a lot of hotels/resorts offer day passes!)
  6.  Stay in bed all day (for me it would be a hotel bed with room service, AC, champagne and movies)
  7. Dessert or cocktails at the newest or fanciest restaurant
  8. Play tourist for the day
  9. Bowling or miniature golf
  10. Hike/picnic like we did this weekend!


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