half up top knot tutorial

Half Up Top Knot Tutorial (Video Link)

This week’s tutorial is how I style my half up top knot.  This hairstyle is perfect for day 2+ hair.  It is my go to on day 3 (sometimes 4).  You can do a messy knot or a more polished knot.  I prefer the latter for my half up top knot.  I wear the top knot with both curly or straight hair.  Curly works best when working with day 3/4 hair.

half up top knot tutorial

Steps for the perfect 3 minute half up top knot:

(you can skip to video below)

  1. If your working with lived in hair (aka dirty hair) apply some dry shampoo before starting.
  2. Section the top part of your hair, from your temples to your crown, into a high ponytail.  You want it right at the top of your head, not towards the back.
  3. Optional- if you have fine hair or just want to create more body, tease/back comb the entire ponytail, from root to tip.
  4. I like to slightly loosen the hair right at my scalp.  You can do this after you wrap your ponytail too but I find that the bun gets a little too loose. Now wrap the ponytail around into a bun and pin the loose ends into place. I prefer to use U shaped bobby pins.  They give you enough hold without messing with the look of your bun.  They don’t pin your hair as tight as a traditional bobby pin.  Plus, they are made for buns!
  5. Now you can style your hair, either wear it straight or curled.  When I wear it curled I only curl the front section to save time.



    I love wearing my hair like this, it’s super easy and makes you look put together and like you actually took the time to get ready (or wash your hair). Stay tuned for next week, where I will show you two ways to style a top knot.  With all your hair up not just half up like this one.

Styling Tools:


**Bonus** I got a ton of questions on my eyelashes.  I will link those for you here.  They are by far my most favorite lashes and the glue is hypo-allergenic, formaldehyde & latex free.  It does not irritate my eyes like other glues do.

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