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Master bedroom kind size bed with white bedding and tufted headboard
The time had come for us to finish our master bedroom. I had taken great care to research and Feng
Top knot tutorial
For this week’s tutorial I will show you two ways to do a top knot bun. This hairstyle is perfect
half up top knot tutorial
This week's tutorial is how I style my half up top knot.  This hairstyle is perfect for day 2+ hair. 
How I Style My Hair (Video Link) - hair styles for medium length hair. I show you how to I blow dry and curl my hair. Perfect waves.
A hair tutorial was the most requested tutorial when I polled on my Instagram stories. I am beyond flattered, thank
This year's spring break called for a road trip to a hidden gem known as Pismo Beach. Pismo Beach is
We started a tradition of growing our own Easter basket grass from wheat berries about 4 years ago. We learned
"If I can't wear leggings, I am not going."   You either die for leggings or you'd rather die than
Chia Seeds Chia is an edible seed that comes from the desert plant Salvia hispanica, grown in Mexico. Chia seeds
After the whirlwind of the holidays we decided to take some to time to relax, refresh and reconnect as a
Make your bed. The daily habit that can change your life
A few years ago, I read about the powerful habit of making your bed every morning.  According to the, "7