How I Style My Hair (Video Link) - hair styles for medium length hair. I show you how to I blow dry and curl my hair. Perfect waves.

How I Style My Hair (Video Link)

A hair tutorial was the most requested tutorial when I polled on my Instagram stories. I am beyond flattered, thank you! I was also stumped on what type of video to shoot. Sped up, super detailed and where I actually talk, ect. I decided on a sped up video in combination with a blog post.

I’ve watched a ton of YouTube videos and have been using the following technique for years. First off, I have a lot of hair and it is coarse and frizzy. Jelly much? So, I have to take a few extra steps to tame it. I have to flat iron it and recently discovered the most amazing flat iron in the whole world but it almost works too good. It’s hard for my hair to hold the curl on the first day of styling. Come day two and beyond it’s holds the curl much better but I am still trying to find the right balance because I would like it it a hair curlier (see what I did there).

All that to say, in an effort to combat this I didn’t iron my hair as much as I typically do and I wasn’t too happy with the results. My technique is still the same but my hair would be much straighter and smoother. Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of my technique and I can answer any questions you may have (leave them in comments below) and I think I’ll shoot another with day 2/3 hair and I flat iron it some more.


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I’ll link the products and tools I have been using below.  The Olaplex is not 100% non toxic but it scored a 5 on the skin deep website and my hair needs help.  I only use it once a week too so, I feel ok using it but I am on the hunt for greener one. 

Hair Styling Essentials


**Bonus** I got a ton of questions on my eyelashes.  I will link those for you here.  They are by far my most favorite lashes and the glue is hypo-allergenic, formaldehyde & latex free.  It does not irritate my eyes like other glues do. 



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