Thoughtful Gift for a New Mom

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Looking for a thoughtful gift for a new mom, your bestie, one of your mom friends or any other loved that can use the gift of time? Well, you’re in luck because today, I am going to share a unique, thoughtful and easy gift idea, for anyone that can use some extra time. Since I am a mom of young children, I know the struggle of how a simple trip to the grocery store, can feel like a big production. Loading and unloading all the kiddos into their car seats, having to put on real clothes, maybe even a bra. Who has time for that?

How to curate a thoughtful gift

So, I have shared before my love for gifting (and receiving) gift cards. It is a sure way to guarantee that the recipient will love their gift and if given in a thoughtful way, can be really special too. What does this mean? Firstly, don’t just hand over a gift card or throw in inside a card. Put a little thought and care into it.  Package the gift card with a few other curated items.  This will help to make the entire gift a thoughtful and meaningful one.

Now, what type of gift card? I like to shop at Walgreens for my gift cards. The selection is VAST! So much variety and it’s a great way to get some inspiration for a thoughtful gift.  Walgreens makes it super convenient, with their buy on-line and pick up in store option.

Ok, so for this particular gift, I mentioned the gift of time. So, how can we give a busy mom more time? With an Instacart gift card! Think about it, no need to go to the grocery store and hopefully, mama throws in a treat for herself. I would be adding some peanut butter ice cream to my cart stat! What about you?

Now, that I have narrowed down the perfect gift card, I will add some curated items to make the gift more special. I decided on an organic cozy robe and premium chocolate bar. So, now my friend can wrap herself in the cozy robe and place her Instacart order, from the convenience of her phone. All while enjoy a little decadent treat.

I hope you found my thoughtful gift for a new mom helpful!  Check out my blog post where I share meaningful ways we celebrate birthdays.  

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